Thermal insulation and cooling

From concept to final product. Designing, cad simulation/calculation, prototyping and In-house welding
from single projects up to small production batches.


Ceramic Coating Aerospace technology. Same heat insulation ceramic coating process as used in aerospace technology. Read more...
Cooling solutions Intercoolers. Radiators. Oil coolers. Austrian engineered and manufactured cooling solutions. Read more...
Superfinishing process One step further. Tiscoo went one step further on the process of thermal insulation. Read more...

About our company

Thermal Insulation and Cooling aka „TISCOO“ was founded by a group of motivated engineers in 2014 in Pasching, Austria. Due to limited/non existing number of solutions throughout europe as far as thermal insulation and cooling, the team of TISCOO invested a significant amount of time, effort and funds. After almost a year and a half of R&D the team came up with a complete solution that will intrigue even the most demanding customer.

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